Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Strategy

I used to head out of town, then turn onto some road I hadn't been on before or recently and find what there was to find. After wandering aimlessly, making wild stops, turning around to go back, and taking many pictures, I would decide it was time to head home. I would drive in one direction, knowing eventually I would reach a main intersection that I could find on the map, so that I could plot the fastest route home. Now I do all that, get lost out there, take my pictures, bond with my Wisconsin, but instead of using the map to get back, I turn on Jennifer, my trusty GPS navigational device, and touch the right icons to get her to tell me how to get home. Sometimes, when I get back and look at my pictures, I haven't a clue where I really was when I took that one, but hey, I had a great time doing it!

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