Friday, July 25, 2008


Sometimes Jennifer plots me a route that takes longer than what I would have planned using a map. One day recently I was trying to get her to help me get to someplace faster and it took, oh, about an hour longer. Some of that was because I had to stop and take pictures of the new-to-me landscape, and part of that was because some of the roads were quite narrow and winding. Ah, but what is time against views like this?


Maria said...

I am surprised to see that tiger lilies grown along the meadow in Wisconsin. Here in Austria, you have to pay one EURO per piece in a flower shop if you want to get some :D
BTW, will you post the Rocky Mountains andother Wisconsin landscape? please?

goprairie said...

Actually, these are not tiger lilies, but daylilies. Tiger lilies have a single stem with small leaves coming off them. Each flower lasts a number of days which makes them a great cut flower. Daylilies have a clump of long strap like leaves at the bottom of the plant and a long bare stem with the flowers at the top. Each flower lasts just one day. No matter what. So you can pick them and lay them around with no water and they will last all day but not longer. The orange ones have naturalized here and grow wild, but there are hundreds of colors and variations available as landscape plants.
And the Rocky Mountains are way way west of us and much much much bigger. These are little hills in comparison, and yes, I will be posting more scenes from my second-home state over time.
Glad you are enjoying my photos from so far away!