Friday, July 25, 2008

Wisconsin Stinks

The alfalfa field was just starting to bloom and occasionally a whiff of floral essence would drift across the road. Then the farmer mowed it into rows while we were at lunch. Fine. It was pretty to see the rows flowing along the contours of the hill. Then the farmer came to pick up the rows and blow them into the wagons he pulled behind. Fine. It was fun to watch the action. Then the farmer came and sprayed liquid manure fertilizer on the field. Not fine. Ewwwwww!

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The Kept Woman said...

Ummmmm...we have this cow/calf farm (I don't even wanna know where the calves go...) up the road and on occasion the summer winds (and humidity) carry their scent to our's most...unpleasant.

As for the spewing of manure, I've witnessed (and smelled) that as well...icky!!!!!